Sunday, May 4, 2014

Blog #15 Final Reflection

I must say this has been a great experience being involved in the EDM 310. I have learned tremendously a lot of great ideas that I can use within my future classroom and the rest of my college years.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


This week in EDM 310, I had the opportunity to view and comment on a teacher's blog. Mr. Brendan Jones is a PDHPE( Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) in New South Wales, Australia.

Post#1:Go Pro in PE Mr Jones has used many technology programs within his PE classes. For instance, Go Pro is a device that can be used to help " analyze a player's movement". He states that he mainly uses the devices when cycling, but he uses it in his classes in order to help students to analyze themselves from their point of view. Personally, I never knew the device had a name. I just thought it was camera attached to someone's helmet. However, I think the Go Pro is a great device because he provides people, especially athletes, with immediate feedback.

Post#2: Emulator? Or Assimilator? Mr. Jones asked the question is it best for teachers to be an emulator(to be like someone else) or to be an assimilator(to incorporate as one's own)? Well he states that it is easier to be emulator because teachers can get good teaching ideas from great teachers. However, its best to be an assimilator because only you, as a teacher, knows what is best for your students. I totally agree with him because it is ok to take other teachers' advices into consideration, but it does not possible mean that those advices will work for my particular class. Brendon Jones

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

C4K Summary for April

This month in EDM310, I viewed and commented on some amazing students'blogs from PT England School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Rima's blog Rima is a student from Miss Ouano' Class. Rima and I have a lot in common such as, we both are the only girls out of five brothers. In her recent post,she defines/describes the word, pohutukawa. Pohutukawa is a tree, similar to a Christmas tree, which can be grown in warm areas near the beach. I have never heard of the term and seen a pohutukawa. However I hope one day to see one in person.

Shyla Lee's blog Shyla Lee is a student from Miss Lavakula's class. She posted a video of an event called Fiafia. which she performed a dance with group of people. I have never heard of a Fiafia, but I really enjoyed the performance. Also, I finally now know what the dot on someone's face is called ( a bende) Thanks to Shyla. Shyla Lee and I have a lot in common as well, which we both love math and spending quality time with friends. Learning About Blogs for your Student

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Post #13

This week in EDM310, we had the opportunity to create our own blog post based on our future area of teaching. Although I am required to teach all subjects for an Elementary Education major, my strongest field is English.

Directions For Blog Post #1: Think about a person who has been very influential in your life. This person can be a family member, professor, youth pastor, actor etc. Explain how this person has been influential in your life. Make sure to include a picture of the influential person. My example of my post can be found below and on my blog.

Everyone has had someone that has been influential in his or her life, which it can be a parent, sibling or even a teacher. The most influential person in my life is my mother, Mrs. Carroll Johnson. About three years ago, I thought I was going to lose my mother because she had a severe heart attack. Although my mother knew she was not in good health, she did not let that hold her down. She still attended my extracurricular activities events and would help me with homework every night. I thank God everyday for blessing me with a wonderful mother. I would not trade her for nothing in the world. Carroll Johnson

Monday, March 31, 2014

C4K Summary for March

For the past month, I have enjoyed viewing and commenting on students' blogs from Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. I must say, technology has really done a 360 within the schools compare to when I was in elementary. However, students today are more technology illiterate than we were.

Post#1: Arthur M is a 2nd grader in Mrs. She's class. He made a video post and drawing of his weekend at the beach. He explained how he loved playing in the sand and swimming in the water. My comment: I must say, you did a great job on your video and your picture. I love swimming at the beach as well. It is very relaxing.

Post#2: Rebekah is a seventh grader in Mrs. Nua and Mr. Banks class. She made to presentation to demonstrate how to find the mean from a group of numbers. For instance, 70+40+90+50+100+70+90+50=560 560/8=70( the mean). My comment: I love how you explain step by step on what how to find the mean. Thank you for your many examples. There were very helpful.

Post#3 Calvin is a seventh grader in Miss Clark's class. In his post, he display how we could use the triangle addition in order to better master addition. My comment:The triangle addition is a great way to learn addition. I actually just learned this concept in my math class except we used fractions. Thanks for sharing this information with me. Pt England Students Blogging

C4T# 3

Becky GoerendThese past two weeks, I had the opportunity to view/comment Beck Goerend's blog. Mrs. Goerend is a wife, mother and a school teacher from Iowa.

Post#1: Always on the Clock Mrs. Goerend explains how when you become a teacher, your title as teacher remains with you outside of school. For instance, she states that on a normal Saturday, she meet students and their parents all day from the time she left from the pancake breakfast to the time she was on her way home. I totally agree with her, which I have experienced this with my mother. My mother was an elementary music teacher. Everytime we would go to Walmart or to a basketball game, we would run into some of her past or present students.

Post#2: More Homework MeMe In this post, Mrs. Goerend describes some things about herself and answers some questions asked from her brother, Matt. For instance. She states that when she was applying for college, she was tied between choosing Marketing and Elementary Education, which she chosed Elementary Education. I can definitely relate to Mrs. Goerend's decision between the two majors, which my two choices were Nursing and Elementary Education.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blog Post #10

Everyone has their very own special talents, whether its teaching, writing or acting. For instance, I have a talent for communicating well with elementary students, which is one of the reasons why I want to become a teacher. On this week, I had the opportunity to view an inspiring video of Ken Robinson Mr. Robinson is an author and speaker from Liverpool, United Kingdom. In his speech, he explains how there are some people who goes to work everyday and do not enjoy what they do. This should not be the case. We must do something that we really have a passion for in order to enjoy life on a daily basis. So, Mr. Robinson states that we must begin learning revolution, which means that we must change our way of thinking and behaving in order to explore our true talents. What I learned from Mr. Robinsion is that we should not settle for less in life and that if we really have a passion for something that we must go after it. I know as a future teacher, my students will be looking up to me, which my passion of teaching will encourage them to go after their various dreams. Ken Robinson

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Project #12 Part A

In EDM 310 this week, I had the opportunity to use a smartboard. A smartboard is an upgrade of a Charkboard/projector, which teachers from all around the world utilize this program. Instead of using chalk, teachers may use electronic markers. Like a projector, a smartboard can display learning contents to students.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Project #15

For this week, I decided to do a project for Kindergarten students. Students at this age love " Storytime" and drawing. So why not incorporate a project around their liking. Listed below is a lesson plan I have prepared for the project.

Project Overview

Project Calendar Pete

Friday, March 21, 2014

Blog Post #9

This week in EDM 310, we had the opportunity to explore Mrs. Kathy Cassidy's technology programs she uses within her own class. Mrs. Cassidy is a 1st grade teacher whose website displays different programs teachers can use within their own classes. Mrs. Cassidy explains in a video interview with Dr. Strange that "every teacher should be technology illiterate because technology is constantly changing" which students are becoming more advanced with it. Like Mrs. Cassidy, I have decided to make/use a webpage with my future class because this will allow my students' parents to receive feedback of their child's progress, and this will give my students the opportunity to review materials, such as sight words, from home. However, an impediment that I might encounter with using this program is that some of my students might not have access to a computer, which I would not assign mandatory assignments on the webpage for my students due that matter. Kathy Cassidy

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project #14

Linked below is a lesson plan that I have prepared for a 6th grade English class. By the time a child gets to this age, he or she has a idea of what they would want to be/do when they "grow up". At this age, I wanted to be a police officer.

Project Overview

Project Calender Career Kids

Blog Post #8

Technology can be a great aspect to a teacher's classroom. Its purpose is to get students more engaged into learning. I plan to use many technology programs in my future classroom, such as FunBrain and Pinterest . However, Quizlet will be very beneficial to my students.
How to Study Better
Quizlet is a program where either a student or teacher can make study flash cards. These flash cards can be viewed on any portable devices and can be shared to others. Also, teachers are able to make problem solving games out of the flashcards, which this will allow students to learn different learning strategies. I must say this program is quite easy to utilize. All you have to do is click create a new study set and add your content into the provided spaces. I love this program because students can find study flash cards in all subject areas from students and teachers from all over the world.


Every two weeks in EDM 310, we are assigned a teacher from around the world to view and comment on his or her blog. Well, I had the pleasure of viewing/commenting on Beth Still's blog She is a social studies teacher who likes to share great ideas for women or teachers.

Post#1: Budding Artist Project Since December, Ms. Still had finally received her art supplies from DonorChoose. Through painting, Ms. Still was able to see another side of her students. I think this project will be very beneficial in my future class because I love how through painting our students can express what they are really passionate about.

Post#2:Holiday Treats Ms. Still was inspired to create a post about holiday treats from a friend's Facebook post asking what were some favorite holiday cookie recipes. Surprisingly, she had received many responses to her question. So, Ms. Still had decided to share a compiled list of recipes and their significance to people from all over the world. I believe these recipes will be great to use for special occasions with family, friends, or even with my future elementary students.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Project # 13 Project Based Learning Plan

My group, Boston, has decided to write a lesson plan for our 4th grade class. Our class watched a documentary on different cultures around the world. After watching the movie, students will describe how their family culture is different from the countries watched on the documentary. Next, students will research on a selected country and present the country to the class by using a trifold board. Listed below is the lesson plan and calendar.

Project Overview

Project Calender

Rubric People and Cultures of the World

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blog Post #7

This week, I enjoyed watching Mr. Randy Pausch's last lecture, Achieving your Childhood Dream Mr. Pausch was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In his lecture, Mr. Pausch presented a lot of great teaching techniques that I could use in my future class. I can tell by just observing him for about five minutes that he is a great professor because he kept his students' engaged in his humorous personality and stories. Although his childhood dreams were quite funny, I like how each dream had a lesson or purpose. For instance, Mr. Pausch had dreamed of playing in the NFL as a child. Although he was not as good, his coach, Coach Graham, was constantly pushing him to play better by telling him " do it again, harder". As a child, you would think that the only reason why your coach would push you so hard is to just be mean to you, but that is not the case. When someone is pushing you to do better at something that you are not good at, he or she really cares about you and wants to see you succeed. Mr. Pausch related this concept to teaching our students. When are students are constantly making mistakes, we, as teachers, have to push our students to do better in order for them to be successful. I totally agree with Mr. Pausch because for some of out students we, teachers, are the only supporters/motivators they have. I plan to continue this concept throughout my teaching career. Randy Pausch

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

C4K Summary for February

Every week in my EDM 310 class, we are assigned a student to read and comment on his or her blog. My students ranged from 4th grade to 10th grade. I have really enjoyed reading these blogs and can not wait to read some more throughout the school year.

C4K#1: Dane is in Ms Toals' class from Fhursa Dublin, Ireland . His post was about getting to know him. He is the only child and has a King Charles ( a dog). My Comment: Hello Dane. My favorite pet is a dog as well. I have a blue pitbull name Skylar. I have never heard of a King Charles. I will definitely have to look that up.

C4K#2: Joseph is a 5th grader in Mrs. Caddy's class from Virginia, Minnesota . His post was called " All About You Survey". He asked questions such as, " Do I like animals?, What is my favorite color?, What is my favorite animal?, and What is my favorite super power that I might want?" My Comment: I like animals, especially dogs. My favorite color is red. My favorite super power I might want is invisibility because I would want to scare my big brother while he is asleep. I am very curious to know, what superpower would you want and why?

C4K#3: Festina is in Mrs. Ruiz's class from Austin, TX. Her post is about her having a close relationship with her family. She is especially close with her sister because she really trusts her sister. She also explains how if you have someone always pushing you to achieve a goal, then that person must really want to see you succeed in life My Comment: I am very close with my family as well. Like your sister, my mother is someone that I can always talk to about anything, and she totally understands me completely. I must say, you are a great writer. Keep up the good work.

C4K#4: Tristian is a 10th grader from Mrs. Long's class. His post is about the legalization of marijuana. He believes that it should be legalized because it is very beneficial to health and could save the government a lot of money. My Comment: This is a very controversial subject that has been going on for years. I totally agree that marijuana is beneficial when it comes to certain medical issues, but like you said, it does have a negative affect to some people, such as death or chronic issues. I believe that it should not be legalized because since it is considered a " drug", in years to come, society might think that other "drugs", such as crack, should become legalized as well, which I know researchers that believe that it should be legalized will try to find positive aspects of the drugs. Trying to Teach Well and Good

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blog Post # 6

Questions: What are personal learning Networks? How can they help you as a teacher? How are they formed? How can you create your own PLN? Who will be the first additions to your PLN? A PLN can either stand for personal learning networks or professional learning networks. According to Steven Anderson's video, Building Your PLN - A Primer for Anyone,a PLN is a way for professors/teachers to networks with each other about different educational strategies that can benefit his or her students' learning. However, personal learning networks are tools that can be used to benefit yourself on a personal level, such as organizing your computer to where it can accommodate your school and professional work. A PLN can be formed by interviewing people whom you see that could possibly be a part of your circle ,or you can observe people's behavior within their social medias. I believe a PLN could be very beneficial to my future career( becoming a teacher) because this gives me the opportunity to communicate with well experienced teachers that could possible give me great advice on how I can be successful with my profession. I plan on creating my own PLN by networking with mentor teachers that I have met with over the years and hopes of expanding my circle with teachers that I have met during this course of EDM310. My first addition to my PLN will be a teacher mentor, Mrs. Moss, who I have known for years. She is one of the reasons why I have decided to become a teacher and has been a big supporter of my life. Dosa PLN title=

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog Post # 5

For this week, I had the opportunity to view Mr. Anthony Capps 's videos. He was once a Lab Instructor for the EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. He is now a 3rd grade teacher in Baldwin County ( Gulf Shores, AL). Mr. Collins elaborated on different types of Project Based Learning/Instructions that he uses for his own class. According to Mr. Capps' video, Based Learning Part 2: Experience of a 3rd Grader," I learned that all projects are not going to always work which it is up to us, as teachers, to incorporate varieties of projects into our lesson and that we must be mindful of our students' backgrounds and interests, For instance, Mr. Capps had his students write a narrative as if he or she were in Afghanistan, which this assignment w allowed students to use his or her imagination. However, one of his student's parent( soldier who has gone to Afghanistan) did not want his child to visualize this experience. So respectively, Mr. Capps allowed that student to do another assignment ( science project) while the other students continued the narration project. I greatly respect Mr. Capps consideration of the student's parent. I know I might have to deal with a similar situation in my future classroom. Project Base Learning

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blog Post # 4

What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher? This question can be answered in all types of ways. As a college student now, I believe an effective teacher should asks questions that will accommodate each students' learning styles. Half of the class may learn better from a visual approach while the other half may learn from an auditory approach. Personally, I prefer teachers to ask questions from a visual standpoint because sometimes I may not hear every little detail of the teacher's question.

According to Dr. Harvey Silver's video,Questioning Styles and Strategies , he emphasizes that teachers must ask questions in different styles and strategies in order to get students' involvement in the classroom. In the video, he demonstrates the styles of questions, such as surveying and student calling, in Ms Hannah Coblin's 5th grade class. I love how Dr. Silver gives students the questions prior to asking the students the questions, which I believe this gives students the opportunity to write down his or her thoughts instead of being expected to answer a question on the spot.

However, if a teacher decides to ask a question verbally, he or she must be aware that it is best to ask an open-ended question. According to Ms Joanne Chelsey's video, Better Questions in the Class, an open- ended questions allows students to elaborate in depth asked questions, which this method allows teachers to get feedback back on students' understanding. As a student, I know if a teacher asks an closed- ended question ( yes or no answer) instead, that we ( the class) are going to say yes regardless because we are either ready for the class to be over with or just ready for the teacher to move on to the next subject.

Most importantly, it is our job as teachers to make sure that each student is able to answer the questions. I know we, as teachers, this could be a challenge for us dealing Effective Teachers with students who will never answer a question of ours out loud due to low self esteem or nervousness, but with practice, preparation, and understanding of our students from different levels, it can be done.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blog Post #3

 Peer Reviewing
I have learned a lot about peer reviewing by viewing What is Peer Reviewing Editing and Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes, videos and ,Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial slideshow. Growing up in school, I was not taught to stay positive when peer reviewing. I was taught to be straightforward with the student's work and to not hold nothing back. Now, I realize that sometimes that is not the right way when peer reviewing because most importantly he or she is a human and humans have feelings. So, that is why when we make suggestions to students, we should say it in a positive way.

I know as a Southerner, we tend to make words when we speak and will apply those words to our writing. For instance," Everyone's having a great time." We know that there is not a contraction for everyone is but we have established this error in our everyday speaking. So before criticizing someone's work, we must first try relate to why the person might have made these mistakes in the first place. I love the concept of starting off a peer review with compliments because it will definitely make the peer feel as if you really care about his or her writing.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project # 4 C4T Assignment

I had the pleasure to read Kelly Tenkely's blog.

Post#1 Timelapse: 3 decades of photo imagery of the world I learned that a timeelapse is a visual satellite that predicts the weather of the country. Ex. hurricanes and tornadoes. It can be used for classes, such as history, to explain to students how the world changes. My comment: Thank your for sharing your blog. I never knew that it was called a timelapse. This is a great idea to be used in the classroom.

Post#2 EDpuzzle: Like Video in the Classroom 2.0 EDpuzzle is a great way for teachers to incorporate videos into his or her teaching. Teachers can add questions throughout the videos in order to obtain students' comprehension. This program has been used for many subjects, such as Math, Reading and Science. My comment: I think this program will be very beneficial to my future students. I like how if I have a substitute teacher one day for my class, this program can be a teaching component for my class, and I can get immediate feedback from my students' progress. Technology